Biden’s Agenda Stalled: Build Back Better Pushed to Next Year

President Biden has been unable to get Sen. Joe Manchin on board for Build Back Better. Manchin’s colleague Raphael Warnock framed his support for the filibuster as “misplace priorities.”


Biden’s and Democratic leadership’s hopes of a last-minute push to pass their legislative agenda before the end of the year went up in smoke when talks between Sen. Joe Manchin and party leaders broke down.


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Author’s Take

*What Ja’han Jones of MSNBC fails to (or perhaps willfully misrepresent to his readers) understand is that the temporary rule change to hike the debt ceiling still required 60 votes in the Senate. Ten Republicans voted for the one-time rule change on a debt ceiling raise that everyone said was a “must”, even if the same Republicans didn’t want to support the limit hike itself. In order to push through any of the controversial legislative items, Republican support is required in some form. Yet even that likely won’t be enough, as Manchin and Sinema are not backing down from their positions.

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