Fallout from Cuomo Firing: Chris Loses Book Deal & CNN Won’t Pay

Shortly after Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN, he left his radio show. He’s since lost his book deal and severance.


Days after being fired by CNN following the revelation he was more involved in his brother’s defense, the bad news for Chris Cuomo continues.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

Anyone saying CNN is not biased news is either lying or not watching CNN. Dershowitz is correct that the network has taken a hard turn to advocacy and opinion, exclusively left-leaning. There are predictions of a major shakeup at CNN with the looming merger between WarnerMedia, which owns the network, and Discovery. The person expected to run this new company, David Zaslav, has said he will take a very “hands-on” approach with running the company and CNN and praised the early years of Fox News as a news organization.  It’s entirely possible that CNN’s days as a network pretending to be unbiased are numbered. Whether that means they get back to their roots or drop the pretense remains to be seen.

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