Washington Post “Made Up Quotes” in January, Corrects the Story Two Months Later

The Washington Post attempted to quietly issue a massive correction on a January story in which they mischaracterized the contents of a conversation between Trump and Georgia election officials. Now the left is accusing the right of doing what they were literally just caught doing.


After the gigantic dustup and outrage in January over former President Trump’s alleged attempt to change Georgia election results by asking election officials to “find the fraud”, the Washington Post issued a lengthy correction on the story more than two months later.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Newsweek’s coverage of the correction (including their own) centers on the reaction from the right, which makes the argument the Post ran the untrue story to influence the Georgia Senate runoff election.
  • HillReporter.com also goes after conservatives for what they say is misrepresentation of the correction, resting the credibility of their counter-argument on CNN’s fact checker, who has been going to bat for Biden since at least September.




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