CNN’s Chris Cuomo More Involved in Gov. Brother’s Defense Than Thought

Chris Cuomo is in hot water for helping former NY Gov Andrew Cuomo dig up dirt on his accusers. CNN said it will conduct a review while Cuomo was allowed to go on the air last night.


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was more involved in his brother’s, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, public defense than previously disclosed.


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Author’s Take

It’s impossible to see how, in a sane world, Chris Cuomo keeps his job. He lied to his employer, lied to his audience, used his relationships with other journalists to conduct opposition research on his brother’s accusers. It will be a serious breach of public trust and indication of just how far the partisan rabbit hole they’ve fallen if CNN does not terminate Chris Cuomo’s employment. Don’t hold your breath, though, as Cuomo was allowed to go on-air last night, even if he did not address the situation.

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