Activist Netflix Employees Stage Protest Over Chappelle Comedy Special

A planned walkout of Netflix employees garnered lots of media attention. It did not change the company’s stance on the Chappelle special.


Netflix employees walked out of work on Wednesday in protest of the streaming company’s support of Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy stand-up special.


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  • Fox News covered the harassment of a counter-protestor who was physically intimidated and whose sign was destroyed for saying “We like Dave” and “Jokes are funny.” 
  • Breitbart highlighted the comments and sentiment from the protest’s organizer, who used racially charged language to characterize Chappelle as a slave who sold himself to his “master” Netflix. 
  • RedState praised Netflix’s Sarandos for standing firm on keeping Chappelle’s special on the streaming service, noting that his quasi-backtracking on admitting he “screwed up” was corporate-speak but that his commitment to providing “varying content for a varying viewer base” won’t be changed “to protect the sensibilities of a few.”

Author’s Take

Contrary to modern woke politics, speech is not violence. Contrary to modern woke politics, violence is not free speech. Netflix’s stance promotes free, unencumbered creative expression, an ideal that was fully supported by liberals until recently. At no point did Chappelle call for violence or attacks on anyone or any group of people and shouldn’t be held responsible for any acts of violence committed by a third party.

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