Biden’s Very Bad COVID Week: States Fight Fed Vaccine Mandate, Feds Ration COVID Treatment

President Biden is facing lawsuits over his vaccine mandate and a pushback from the FDA on booster shots. It’s not been a good week for the Biden administration.


Nearly half of all state attorneys general are threatening to sue the Biden administration over the new federal vaccine mandate for private sector employers.


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Author’s Take

*In early August, President Biden stepped up to the microphone, announced his plan for booster shots for everyone over the age of 16, took no questions and turned his back on reporters and the American people. This announcement was in the first days of the Afghanistan debacle. It was clear to many this was simply an attempt to change the headlines. It obviously failed. But few in the media were willing to call him out on it. Biden is still not taking questions, but the mainstream media shrugs it off and talks about the color coordination among the White House press corps.

**Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has a target on his back. The mainstream media and the Democrat establishment is scared to death of his political future. He has martialed the resources of the Florida government, competently navigated the pandemic, and done so while swatting away the wasps in the media attempting to sting him. They’re doing it again. The media tried to take down DeSantis over his promotion of monoclonal antibody treatments. DeSantis again called them out on their poor reporting and political bias, noting the sainted Dr. Anthony Fauci has been promoting the very same thing.

And the media wonders why half the country doesn’t believe a word they say…

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