Irony Alert: AOC Wears ‘Tax the Rich” Dress to $35,000 per Person Met Gala

Progressive socialist and self-styled champion of the working-class Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attended the Met Gala in a white “Tax the Rich” gown. The irony was not lost on Twitter.


THE high-fashion event of the New York social scene, the Met Gala, turned overtly political this year after Democratic Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a white gown with the phrase “Tax The Rich” emblazoned across the back.


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  • Newsmax zeroed in on social media criticism of AOC, calling her out for her hypocrisy of hobnobbing with the elite during “the top party of the year that is essentially a celebration of richness.”
  • Fox News noted AOC’s attendance comes as she publicly feuds with West Virginia Sen. Joe Machin after he announced he will not support a $3.5 trillion additional spending bill.
  • RedState focused on the hate Nicki Minaj got on Twitter after saying she was waiting to get the COVID-19 vaccine and will not be attending the Met Gala.

Author’s Take

AOC’s lack of self-awareness and addiction to the spotlight is typically a major pothole for a politician of her stature and with her political brand. The question is whether her own supporters will have a red line on what many consider her hypocrisy. Clearly the mainstream media will continue to prop her up.

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