– Get Out: Eviction Moratorium Expires, Leads to Democrat In-Fighting

A federal ban on evictions expired over the weekend after Congress failed to pass an extension. Nancy Pelosi tried to give up Congress’ power as an answer.


The House of Representatives left D.C. Friday without passing a bill that extends the nationwide moratorium on evictions, originally passed as an emergency measure at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.


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Author’s Take

Credit where its due: AOC, Cori Bush, and the squad are finally pinning the blame where it belongs. With June ruling from the Supreme Court, Congressional Democrats and the White House knew exactly what was coming down the pike. Yet, they did nothing.

Pelosi’s sudden reversal on the constitutional abilities of the executive branch is craven politics at its worst. She wants to cede legislative power to the bureaucracy when it is convenient for her. For politicians, there will always be a time in which it is more convenient to willingly give up difficult decisions to nameless, faceless bureaucrats. In fact, we’ve been doing it for 100 years. This is how the regulatory state becomes so powerful and the legislative branch so impotent.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board misses the mark. Conflating GDP growth with individuals’ economic security is a mistake far too many conservatives make. Is there correlation? Most likely. But GDP numbers reports don’t pay the bills. Considerations and remarks like these show the ivory towers of out of touch leftist academia could be mirrored by the marble towers of Big Finance.

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