CDC Recommends Masks Indoors for Vaccinated People, Thinks We’re Stupid

The CDC is now recommending even vaccinated people wear masks in certain outdoor settings. It goes against everything they’ve said for months.


Americans, regardless of vaccination status, are being asked to wear masks indoors again “in regions where the coronavirus is spreading rapidly.”


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Author’s Take

So, we have to protect the people who are already protected to protect the unprotected? What the hell does that even mean? Public health officials are losing more credibility by the day. Everyone eligible for the vaccine has had months to get it. At this point, it is on them. When you consider effective vaccines and natural immunity, there is plenty of societal protection.

It simply makes no sense, AT ALL, to ask vaccinated people, who aren’t spreading coronavirus, who extremely rarely contract it, and even more rarely die of it, even with the “highly contagious” delta variant. It is unfathomable how nonsensical this guidance is, how insulting to rational Americans public health officials have acted, how stupid they think we are.

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