COVID-19: Despite Fearmongering, Vaccines Prove Effective Against Variants, Masks Counterproductive for Kids

The left is in a perpetual state of fear over the most minute risks remaining. Meanwhile the right is actually “following the science” on natural immunity and mask mandates for children.


The July 4th holiday weekend is being heralded as a “return to normal” by the White House despite warnings from the experts about the “more contagious and potentially deadly delta variant” of the coronavirus.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

It seems apparent the data is obvious: get vaccinated, but don’t be forced by the government to get the shot. With even just half of all Americans vaccinated, the COVID-19 caseload is a shadow of what it was at the worst of the pandemic.  And as more is learned about the effectiveness against mutations of the virus, it’s become clear this modern marvel of mRNA vaccines has basically stopped the coronavirus in its tracks.

The fearmongering among the left is unnecessary and dramatic, a last-ditch effort to keep a fearful readership glued to their screens. We don’t need to live in fear anymore, and we especially don’t need a manipulative liberal media coercing us into endless lockdowns and eternal mask mandates.

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