Teachers (Union) Pet: Biden Pledging School Re-Opening Metrics Already Met

After Biden’s ambitious pledge in December to reopen schools nationwide, the White House backtracked and set goals so far below the pledge, that they were met before he was sworn in. Biden is being accused of bowing to teachers’ unions.


The Biden administration’s efforts to reopen schools is receiving blowback after the scope of what “open” has been narrowed.

reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • While the New York Times noted the tensions and contradictions inside the Biden administration on how and when to reopen schools, the report ultimately obfuscates any responsibility by saying the difficulty of turning Biden’s “lofty pitch into reality” is because of “new variants of the coronavirus, protests of teachers’ unions, and the fears and frustrations of students and parents.”
  • CNN noted Psaki’s backtracking after getting pushback from parents and local education officials on the “one day a week” of in-person learning commitment, while reporting on the intransigence of teachers’ unions.
  • Reporting in The Washington Post was framed around the power struggle between the Biden administration and various teachers’ unions, including comments from Biden confidant and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell suggesting Biden needs to be tougher with his “friends” in the unions.




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