How the U.S. and Others Are Responding to COVID-19 Delta Variant

While the United States has avoided new “lockdowns”, Australians aren’t so lucky. Mainstream media defends unconstitutional actions but yearns to end China’s lockdowns.


In the United States, the Biden administration, is facing a lawsuit from landlords for enacting an eviction moratorium, even though he literally said he does not have the legal authority to do so.


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  • The Federalist profiled Canadian politician Max Bernier, who has been on a crusade against lockdowns not because of their lack of effectiveness, but because he sees them as a tool for “power-hungry bureaucrats and lying insiders” to implement “forced vaccinations and stricter censorship.” 
  • Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson was sharply criticized as a “timorous little weasel” by RedState for publicly expressing regrets that he signed a ban on mask mandates earlier this year now that Arkansas is experiencing an uptick in Delta variant infections among unvaccinated residents. 
  • At, Tucker Carlson’s monologue-turned-opinion piece blasted the CDC and its director Dr. Rochelle Walensky for effectively usurping Congress with its new (again, self-admittedly unconstitutional) eviction moratorium, saying the CDC “does not make laws in this country. It’s not allowed to.”

Author’s Take

*One of the most frustrating recurring themes in mainstream media is the double standard applied to certain nations. The mainstream media barely bats an eye when strict and total lockdowns are suggested for Western nations, yet media bend over backwards to help China. If lockdowns are bad for China, why aren’t they bad for the United States?

**We are falling into the trap of maximalist reaction to minor occurrences. Perhaps Australia’s vaccination rate is not as high as the United States. But Australia is extending a lockdown of literally millions of people after five deaths.

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