Trump Treks to Texas Border

Former President Trump toured the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas. He criticized the Biden administration’s border policies.


Former President Trump visited the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas yesterday, with two dozen Republican members of the House of Representatives in tow, to criticize the Biden administration and tout his own achievements.


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Author’s Take

The border really has been a disaster for the Biden administration, one of its own making even according to other heads of state. Vice President Harris’ visit to El Paso did very little to help the situation or their handle on it (and seems to be the catalyst of a long Politico article filled with anonymous sources complaining about the VP and the way her office is run).

Whether he’s running in 2024 or not, former President Trump will be doing the Republican Party and the country a great service by focusing like a laser on the border, continuing to make it his pet project, highlight what he’s now calling the “gross incompetence” of the Biden administration.

The changing election results in formerly democrat-strongholds in Texas are proof that this concern about border security is real, that mainstream media diversions are not working. The dynamics of the political environment suggest Trump can cement his political legacy better from outside the White House than from inside. But it will take discipline from the former president.

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