Loudoun County School Officials Under Fire for Lying About Student’s Sexual Assault

Blockbuster reporting from conservative outlet Daily Wire uncovered a coverup that resulted in the father of a sexual assault victim being arrested. Liberal outlets are treating it like a local crime story.


Following exclusive reporting from The Daily Wire showing Loudoun County school officials tried to cover up the sexual assault of a student this May, parents in the county are demanding the resignation of the superintendent.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Mainstream outlets are largely ignoring the report, despite Loudoun County’s status as the epicenter of school board election fights over critical race theory and trans inclusionary curriculum. 
  • The Washington Post treated it as a “public safety” local story, reporting parents speaking out against the school system’s dishonesty “grew emotional” and called for the resignation of officials. 
  • Newsweek highlighted the calls for the Loudoun County Schools superintendent to resign, and is the only non-conservative outlet to note that the father of the first victim was arrested at a school board meeting in June after becoming “irate” when the superintendent denied knowledge of any sexual assaults on school grounds. 
  • The ACLU of Virginia criticized three Loudoun County teachers who “don’t want to use trans and nonbinary” pronouns, but have yet to speak out for the civil liberties of the two students sexually assaulted.



Author’s Take

The media has been all too happy to make Loudoun County the central story in the culture war, painting overzealous parents concerned about their children’s education as radical ideologues or pawns of a far-right machine. But when actual harm is done to a student, when school officials cover it up, when their narrative is blown to pieces and skullduggery is uncovered, it’s back to being a local crime story.

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