Election Fraud in the Big Apple? NYC Mayor’s Race in Chaos, Biden DOJ Goes After Georgia, and More

A massive error by NYC election bureaucrats added 100,000+ votes to the tally. Was this election fraud caught in the act?


The New York City mayoral election has been thrown into chaos after more than 100,000 additional votes appeared out of nowhere.


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  • The New York Times covered its local election by noting the NYC Board of Elections has “long been plagued by dysfunction and nepotism” in its reporting about the 100,000+ extra votes that were reported before being scrubbed. 
  • CNN highlighted the Arizona audit and reported on Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest county by population, announcing it will be purchasing new voting machines after a group contracted to perform the audit failed “to be transparent with what they did” with the voting equipment while in possession. 
  • Huffington Post noted how the new ranked choice system and New York’s historically terrible election procedures are actually “a function of new rules making it easier to cast a vote via absentee ballot.”



  • The Daily Wire reported on the NYC mayoral election vote tally discrepancy, running the Board of Election’s entire statement explaining what happened. 
  • Meanwhile RedState sounded the alarm (before the cause of the discrepancy was discovered) saying “100,000 votes is a pretty big discrepancy” and that “the huge swing now makes it more likely [Kathryn] Garcia will pull it out despite the huge lead Adams had on election night.” 
  • OAN reported on the Arizona audit’s completion, noting given the state legislature’s schedule, it will take a little while longer for the audit’s findings to be released to the public. 
  • The Federalist broke down the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Georgia, highlighting nine instances of the lawsuit’s “most insane lies” about the Georgia election reform law in question.

Author’s Take

If the left wanted to give more ammunition to former President Trump and other Republicans skeptical of the validity and integrity of elections, New York City did just that. Such a monumental error with election-changing consequences highlights the real need for an examination of our nation’s election procedures.

This is not necessarily about intentionally changed votes and stolen elections. The question is whether errors created by general human incompetence can be prevented before an election is conducted. Error rates happen, it’s inevitable. You make 100,000 widgets and a couple hundred of them will be out of spec. This is true of literally everything, including elections. What we should not be allowing or excusing is mistakes that make it easier to doubt the integrity of elections.

To that end, Maricopa County refusing to use machines previously in possession of the Cyber Ninjas auditing crew is a smart move. Even if the software was wiped and replaced, the known chain of custody on those machines was broken and should not be used in future elections.

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