Pro-Trump Rally in DC Draws Thousands During Day, Violent Retaliations by Night

Supporters of President Trump rallied in DC to protest the election results. Most outlets called the day’s events peaceful while noting violence spread after sundown. How did each side characterize the violence?


Thousands of supporters of President Trump rallied in the streets of Washington, DC Saturday under a variety of rally banners, from “Stop The Steal” in reference to allegations of voter fraud, to simple support for President Trump in a “Million MAGA March.”


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • The Washington Post characterized participants of Saturday’s gatherings by describing pro-Trump attendees as “far-right protestors” while using the phrase “counterdemonstrators” to describe those who threw fireworks and assaulted pro-Trump protestors.
  • Thousands of pro-Trump demonstrators from across the country gathered, while The New York Times reported on a group of “more than 40” so-called members of the “Proud Boys” wearing bulletproof vests while calling those who flung bottles and other projectiles at supporters of Donald Trump “counterprotestors.”
  • CNN focused its coverage on purposely blurring the lines between the mainstream conservative movement and groups that are on the far-right but have not gained wide acceptance among conservatives.


  • The Wall Street Journal’s rundown of the day’s events noted the support from all corners of the country for President Trump while noting none of the allegations of fraudulent election activities have yet been proven.
  • Breitbart and Daily Caller focused their coverage on the violence perpetrated on Trump supporters. 
  • Fox News noted the “largely peaceful” events during daylight, while highlighting the reaction from President Trump to reports of attacks against his supporters in the evening.


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