Infrastructure Bill Plods Along, Bipartisan Alternatives Considered

One bipartisan infrastructure effort dies, another is forged. The back and forth on infrastructure negotiations continue, with diminishing scale.


After talks between the Senate GOP and President Biden faltered, a bipartisan group of senators unveiled an agreement on infrastructure legislation last week which immediately drew criticism from both sides.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • CNN used a recent report by the American Society of Civil Engineers as an opportunity to hype President Biden’s infrastructure plan, cheerleading his efforts to build a “modern and sustainable infrastructure, focusing on green energy, schools, and “traditional infrastructure.” 
  • Washington Post highlighted the growing discontent among the liberal wing of the Democrat Party for President Biden seeming to ignore them during negotiations.



Author’s Take

Investments on infrastructure generally can find bipartisan support in Congress and in public opinion. Yet the new “pro-socialist” wing of the Democrat Party has driven a hard bargain, insisting on policies that fall far outside the Overton Window. Meanwhile the most ardent conservatives and budget hawks in the Republican Party recoil at any new spending. The loudest voices within their respective caucuses are slowly killing the political opportunity for a compromise.

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