Texas Moves Forward on Voting Reform Legislation

Texas is the latest state facing condemnation for passing voting reform laws. Many outlets on the left compared it to Georgia’s falsely maligned election reform efforts.


Texas is on the verge signing into law major reforms to voting rules, including the elimination of “drive-thru voting” and changes to polling hours and Sunday voting.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • Fox News’ coverage was the mirror opposite of The New York Times and Washington Post, highlighting remarks from the bill’s sponsor saying “the Constitution commands the legislature to pass legislation to attack fraud and to preserve the purity of the ballot box.” 
  • Earlier this month, MarketWatch reported on dozens of companies coming out publicly to criticize the proposed legislation but “stopped short” of formally opposing it. 
  • The New York Post emphasized President Biden’s blasting of the bill, which it called a “compromise version” being threatened by federal legislation “stalled in the US Senate” “meant to undo” reforms such as Texas’.

Author’s Take

Given the horribly biased coverage of Georgia’s voting reform law from earlier this year, and the backtracking several outlets had to do after parroting talking points from the DNC and so-called “nonpartisan” groups, one would think the mainstream media had learned its lesson.

No, it still cries wolf at every opportunity, knowing it can quietly retract later.  Whether Texas’ legislation is as “bad” as they say is irrelevant now. Americans should be skeptical of media coverage on election reform after the Georgia debacle.

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