“Papers, Please”: Are Vaccine Passports Coming to Your State?

The feds have said there will be no national vaccine passport system. That is not stopping a handful of states from requiring proof of vaccination.


Rumors of vaccine passports, or government requirements to prove vaccination status, have been a major concern since the announcement of a COVID-19 vaccine, with questions about the constitutionality of a government-mandated vaccine passport.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

It is apparent most states do not have the desire to implement some sort of vaccine proof requirement and are leaving it up to the honor system for its residents and businesses.  But the way in which the left characterizes opponents to their ideas is shocking in how snide, condescending, and insulting it is. Vox’s utter refusal to understand the fundamental protections enshrined in the Constitution, and how they are both important to the American citizenry as an often-necessary frustration of government ambition, is par for the course of an entire class of journalist-activists who behave as though history started with the election of Barack Obama.

Some of the more hyperbolic voices on the right are equally as exasperating, as the questions of privacy vs health, public safety vs freedom, are important and nuanced. Pretending that nearly all school districts don’t require students to be vaccinated for a host of diseases (which have been effectively eradicated partly because of vaccination requirements!) is to ignore reality.

But the media does not have the incentive to provide an open space for nuanced discussion and debate. It must turn the outrage machine up to 11, whether it’s Rachel Maddow or Will Cain.

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