Tim Scott’s GOP Rebuttal to Biden Makes Waves

Reactions to Sen. Tim Scott’s GOP response to President Biden continue. Twitter belatedly blocked a racist hashtag attacking Scott, while the black Republican senator soldiered on, beginning bipartisan negotiations on a much-anticipated police reform bill.


After Biden’s Joint Address to Congress, the Republican response was offered by South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, rebuked Democrats for using race as a political weapon.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • The Washington Post extensively covered the liberal and black activist class responses to Sen. Scott’s remarks, calling him an apologist for “white grievance”, while trotting out the cliched “Republicans seized” phrase when reporting on GOP response to liberal elements hellbent on criticizing America.
  • It wasn’t until the next day that Twitter blocked the racist “#UncleTim” hashtag liberal activists were using to denigrate Sen. Scott as a black American, as reported by Newsweek, which allowed extensive Republican response to Twitter’s less than enthusiastic crackdown on racism and hate directed toward a conservative.
  • CNN.com published a remarkably contemptible piece by a SiriusXM satellite radio host whose name conjures up only one response: “who?”, when this host blasted anyone and everyone, Republican and Democrat, if they did not proclaim America to be a horrible, irredeemably racist nation and criticized Scott for using “his Blackness when it’s convenient” for the benefit of the GOP.




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