NY Post Publishes Hunter Biden Story, Silicon Valley Suppresses It

The New York Post published an exposé on Hunter Biden’s previously unreported communications with a Ukrainian businessman. Social media companies worked to limit the story’s reach.


The New York Post published a bombshell report that allegedly reveals efforts by Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden to leverage his relationship to the then-Vice President with a Ukrainian businessman, who also served as an advisor to Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company on whose board the younger Biden served.


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  • New York Post’s Editorial Board is noting the couching of words in the Biden camp’s response to the article, saying neither Joe nor Hunter Biden are specifically denying the allegations.
  • President Trump weighed in, condemning Facebook and Twitter for “taking down” the NY Post story.
  • Sohrab Amari, the NY Post’s opinion editor wrote in a separate opinion piece comparing efforts by Facebook and Twitter limiting the spread of their story to totalitarianism. Amari noted the Post’s sourcing and supporting evidence and contrasted it to multiple unreliably sourced stories critical of the Trump Administration by other news outlets. None of those stories were ever fact-checked or limited by social media companies.
  • Tucker Carlson called it “mass censorship”, comparing the actions by Facebook and Twitter to the Communist Chinese government.
  • Reason.com’s Robby Soave approached it from a different angle. Soave criticized the backlash faced by non-Post reporters sharing the article, even while doubting the reliability of the story. He also discusses the double standard created when tech companies deem themselves the arbiter of “legitimate journalism.”
  • The editors of National Review also took Facebook and Twitter to task for initiating a “media blackout” on the story. Similar to Reason’s Soave, National Review said it is not the responsibility of a “neutral platform” to “decide what news consumers can and can’t handle.”


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