CNN finds China lied about COVID-19, Other Outlets Say They’ve Reported Same for Months

A new report shows China’s efforts to hide the spread of COVID-19 in the first weeks of the pandemic while Chinese propaganda continues to blame others for the virus. Some are not shocked by the report and claim they’ve been reporting similar news for months.


After reviewing what CNN has characterized as leaked documents from Chinese officials, a new report from the network offers a clearer view on what authorities knew at the time and refused to share with the world.


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  • The Guardian’s report of China’s propaganda shifting blame notes that studies they have published have not been peer-reviewed and none of the theories of a non-Chinese origin are given much credibility by scientists in the West.
  • A report from the New York Times earlier this month showed how the World Health Organization willingly took a backseat to China in the investigation into the origins of the virus, and claimed these actions served as an opportunity for President Trump to “push speculation and unfounded conspiracy theories.”
  • While the Washington Post has yet to report on the recent reports of China’s deception, earlier in November the outlet suggested “China has controlled the virus so well” that efforts can be focused on identifying and eliminating the least likely of transmission vectors, such as frozen food packaging.




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