Biden’s Comms Team Led by All-Female Senior Officials

President-elect Joe Biden announced his senior communications team on Sunday, and the press celebrated the all-female team. But this is not the first White House to have such a team.


On Sunday, the Biden Administration’s senior communications team was announced, with women filling all top roles.


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  • The Washington Post emphasized Biden’s apparent “frequent” efforts “break barriers” using his “political power,” referencing his selection of Kamala Harris as Vice President and commitment to naming a Black woman to the United States Supreme Court.
  • The New York Times’ reporting on the announcement spent several paragraphs criticizing the Trump Administration’s communications shop after noting Psaki will focus to “rebuild the trust of the American people.”
  • Huffington Post also repeated the false claim this is the first time all women have held top roles in a White House communications office, while quoting a Biden source saying the positions were announced as a team to demonstrate their close coordination in the incoming administration.



  • Fox News pointed out the ties to mainstream media Biden’s new communications team has, noting Jen Psaki was recently a CNN contributor and calling out Jake Tapper for a double-standard in his treatment of Trump communications appointees.
  • Mollie Hemingway with The Federalist criticized several mainstream media outlets for pushing a narrative of a historical “first”, detailing the many positions held by women in the Trump White House’s communications office.
  • Breitbart’s coverage took a different tack, focusing instead on a perceived slight of former Bernie Sanders press staffer and Biden 2020 staffer Symone Sanders, who Breitbart wrote “stood by Biden’s side through thick and thin,” after Psaki was announced as Biden’s press secretary.


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