Arrests Made in German Jewelry Theft

A massive heist which stole over $1 billion in jewelry from the Dresden Royal Palace has finally been solved. What happened?


Three suspects have been arrested in Berlin in connection with the robbery.

  • Last November, a small group of robbers disabled the security system at Dresden’s royal palace, broke in through a window, and stole $1.2 billion in royal jewels.
  • Over the past year, more than 1,600 police officers have interrogated security guards, searched apartments, and raided internet cafes across Germany in investigations related to the robbery.
  • Several of the pieces stolen in the heist were irreplaceable historic jewels, including a 41-carat diamond.
  • In Berlin yesterday, authorities arrested 3 suspects on charges of theft and arson. Dresden prosecutors say that the suspects are likely tied to organized crime.
  • Some reports tied the suspects to a crime family convicted of stealing a gold coin, valued at $4.5 million, from a Berlin museum in 2017.
  • The jewelry was not recovered in the raids.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Plays up the almost cinematic nature of the robbery. The Guardian and CNN called the heist “spectacular” and a “treasure hunt”.
  • Plays up the connection to organized crime, and the massive scale of the investigation. Daily News and NBC report that massive law enforcement was required to pull off the raid and arrest of the perpetrators, and CBS reports on the connection between the German crime families involved with this and other major thefts.
  • Frames the story as a generally hopeful tale. Daily Beast writes that authorities had lost all hope of finding the jewels or holding the robbers accountable when they arrested the suspects.



  • Similar to the Left, plays up the sensational nature of the heist. Daily Caller plays up the estimated worth of the jewels, appraising them at $3 billion.
  • Similar to the Left, reports on the crime family responsible for the theft.
  • Applauds the efforts of police forces. New York Post says that without the valiant efforts of hundreds of police forces, justice may not have been served.


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