Weinstein Faces More Charges

Harvey Weinstein was charged with 6 more counts of sexual assault. What happened?


Harvey Weinstein was charged on Friday with the rapes of two additional women, bringing his total count to 11 sexual assault-related charges in LA county.

  • The Los Angeles District Attorney charged Weinstein with three new counts of rape and three new counts of forcible oral copulation in Los Angeles on Friday. These charges are in addition to five other charges for which he will be tried in Los Angeles in the near future.
  • Weinstein is a well-known movie producer who was accused of sexual assault in the midst of the #MeToo movement. He was convicted earlier this year of sex crimes, for which he is serving 23 years in prison, in New York. He maintains that he has never had non-consensual sex.
  • Prosecutors hope to extradite Weinstein from New York to California for the trial. If he is convicted of the new charges, Weinstein could face up to 140 years in prison.
  • Weinstein tested positive for coronavirus while in prison earlier this year.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Portrays Weinstein as a monster for racking up “more and more” sexual assault-related charges, writing that his woes aren’t over.
  • Highlights statements from District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who thanked “the first women who reported these crimes and whose courage have given strength to others to come forward.”
  • Remembers the #MeToo movement which would not have been possible without Weinstein survivors.



  • Calls Harvey Weinstein “disgraced” and condemns his behavior.
  • Argues that Weinstein deserves a severe sentence for his actions, reflecting on the legal proceedings of his prior charges.
  • Is generally critical of the #MeToo movement, arguing that it has evolved into a toxic cancel culture.


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