Biden Pulls Ahead in Georgia

What’s going on in Georgia?


Biden is ahead in Georgia by less than 2,000 votes.

  • While poll workers count votes in key swing states, Georgia appears to have made a monumental flip as Biden surges ahead in the polls.
  • Trump won Georgia by a margin of nearly 5% in 2016, and a Biden win in Georgia would make him the first Democrat to win there since 1992.
  • Georgia experienced a record-breaking voter turnout this election, with more than 2 million voting in the early voting period and an estimated 4 million more participating in regular electoral voting.
  • Voter turnout among African Americans especially surged in Georgia.
  • In addition to pulling Biden ahead in the presidential race, Georgia voters created a runoff election in the Senate race between Loeffler and Warnock. The other Senate race, between David Perdue and Jon Ossoff, also appear likely to be decided in a runoff election come January. If Georgia secures Democratic senators, the Democrats will hold a majority in the Senate.
  • President Trump insists that Biden will not win the election legitimately, and will likely demand a recount.
  • Many credit former state congresswoman Stacey Abrams for the Democratic resurgence in Georgia. Abrams started a campaign which registered 800,000 voters across the state, and rallied for Joe Biden throughout his campaign.
  • Generally overall, this puts Democrats ahead for the presidency while Republicans will maintain a senate majority.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Frames Georgia’s flip as a massive win, and highlights the many obstacles which Democrats overcame to secure Biden’s victory there. Buzzfeed News reports on voter suppression efforts in Georgia.
  • Glorifies Stacey Abrams. Vogue single-handedly credits Abrams for turning Georgia Blue, and sympathizes with the challenges she has faced as a woman of color in politics. Newsweek highlights the massive contributions that she and John Lewis made to the success of the Democratic party.
  • Looks to the future of politics. CNN points out that Georgia holds the power to alter the landscape of the country’s politics for the next four years.



  • Reminds readers that the race isn’t over yet. Breitbart reports that, although Biden has pulled ahead, votes are still being counted in Georgia and other states. Fox News writes that Trump’s team is planning to mount legal suits on allegations of election fraud in several states.
  • Highlights underlying political tensions in Georgia. The Intercept writes that, although a Biden win is good for southern Democrats, the razor thin margin by which he won reveals a lack of support for Democratic policies more generally.
  • Writes that the election may be over. With Biden pulling ahead in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and now Georgia, The Blaze reports that Biden is already preparing his victory speech.


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