U.S. Supreme Court Allows Early Census Completion

SCOTUS Rules: Census Count Can Finish Earlier Than Oct. 31


The US Supreme Court sided with the Trump Administration in a case involving this year’s census count, allowing the Department of Commerce, which runs the Census Bureau, to end the count earlier than October 31st.


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  • Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) reacted negatively, tweeting the ruling is an attempt to “undermine democracy”, and tied it to the current nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
  • Slate said the ruling was a “sabotage” of the Census, and accused the court of allowing the Trump Administration to purposely undercount minority communities.



  • The Census Bureau announced 99.9% of all households have been counted as of October 13th, strengthening the argument for ending the counting phase before the previously court-mandated October 31st deadline.
  • Wall Street Journal notes that Mississippi and Louisiana sided with the administration’s efforts while the fight over shortening the deadline played out in lower federal courts.
  • The Washington Times, called the ruling a “victory” for the Trump Administration, and reports the vast majority of census respondents submit answers online or via mail.
  • The top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, Representative James Comer (R-KY), praised the Supreme Court’s decision as a “sensible, lawful decision on behalf of the American people to ensure the 2020 census is completed on time.”


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