Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine Halted After Extremely Rare Instances of Blood Clots

After reports of 6 women forming dangerous blood clots likely connected to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the FDA urged states to “pause” usage of the one-dose treatment. Some health experts are questioning whether it was on overreaction since nearly 7 million doses have been administered.


Federal agencies overseeing vaccine research and distribution urged a pause in the use of Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose coronavirus vaccine after a handful of recipients experienced blood clots likely related to the vaccine.

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  • The New York Times’ article on the pause opened with alarmism while giving way for the Biden administration to pat itself on the back and minimize the debate among health experts who are concerned the move may have been an overreaction.
  • Vice joined skeptics of the move with a comparison between the threat of blood clots with the Johnson & Johnson shot and hormonal birth control medication, while later in their article providing the rationale for the FDA’s announcement: that traditional blood clot treatment could actually be dangerous given the type of clot resulting from the J&J shot.
  • Vox’s deep dive on the topic provided a surprisingly balanced and nuanced view, noting Johnson & Johnson’s woes have not started with this development and giving more details than all traditional media have on the specifics and difficulties of the “cerebral venous sinus thrombosis” blood clot that has occurred in these 6 women.




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