Jimmy Carter to Receive Hospice Care at Home

Former President Jimmy Carter announced Saturday he would receive hospice care at his home in Plains, Georgia.


Former President Jimmy Carter announced Saturday he would receive hospice care at his home in Plains, Georgia.

  • Carter, 98, said he would not be seeking any further medical interventions after a recent series of hospital stays and would “spend his remaining time at home with family.”
  • The longest-living U.S. President, Carter has battled melanoma in recent years that spread to his liver and brain. Carter and his wife Roslyn still live in Plains, Georgia, where they grew up, and the couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary in 2021.
  • James Earl Carter Jr. served as the 39th President from 1977 to 1981. A former Georgia governor, Carter emerged from relative obscurity to win the presidency in 1976. The Georgia Democrat served one term in the White House and lost reelection to Republican Ronald Reagan in 1980.
  • Per Reuters, “The former peanut farmer’s rocky four years at the helm of the country were marred by economic woes at home and the Iran hostage crisis that ended just after he left office. But Carter also played a central role in brokering the Camp David accords that led to the landmark Egypt-Israeli peace treaty.”


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  • The New York Times noted the Carter Center did not elaborate on what ailments had prompted Carter’s recent hospital visits or his decision to receive hospice care. In addition to his bouts with cancer, Carter has suffered a series of falls.
  • Jason Carter, the former President’s grandson, tweeted, “I saw both of my grandparents yesterday. They are at peace and — as always — their home is full of love. Thank you all for your kind words,” according to a report from NBC News.
  • Politico wrote, “His bleakest hour came when eight Americans died in a failed hostage rescue in April 1980, helping to ensure his landslide defeat. After his presidency, Carter founded The Carter Center alongside his wife, Rosalynn. His diplomatic work there garnered a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.”



  • After Carter’s announcement, Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said tweeted, “Rest easy Mr. President. We will be forever by your side,” according to Fox News. Carter has been under Secret Service protection for the better part of five decades.
  • National Review touched on the challenges America faced during the Carter years. “During the 1970s, however, Carter presided over an economy plagued by stagflation, a combination of high inflation and high unemployment. The era was remembered for gas shortages that led to lines of cars waiting to fuel up that stretched for blocks.”
  • The Wall Street Journal praised Carter’s “extraordinary second act, diving headlong into hands-on philanthropy in the U.S. and worldwide, earning praise as the most successful former president.”


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