Democrats Successfully Meddle in Another G.O.P. Primary

Democrats’ $1 million investment in the perceived weaker G.O.P. candidate for Maryland Governor paid off Tuesday when he won the Republican primary.


Democrats’ $1 million investment in Dan Cox, the perceived weaker G.O.P. candidate for Maryland Governor, paid off Tuesday when he won the Republican primary.

  • With 80% reporting, Cox defeated former state Commerce Secretary Kelly Schulz 56-40. Schulz was backed by outgoing Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, while Cox was supported by Donald Trump.
  • The Democratic Governors Association ad campaign micro-targeted Republican voters to boost the Trump-backed Cox, who wants to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
  • The Trump-Hogan proxy war seemingly took priority over keeping Maryland red for three consecutive terms. In Trump’s own words, he endorsed Cox to snub Hogan “just on that basis alone,” not because he was the best candidate to win a general election.
  • Democratic meddling in Maryland’s primary came after similar efforts helped nominate hard-right candidates for governor in Illinois and Pennsylvania, although their attempts to promote a 2020 election conspiracy theorist for Senate in Colorado fell short.
  • Author and philanthropist Wes Moore leads the Democratic primary for Maryland governor, although the race remains too close to call. Former Democratic National Committee Chair and Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez is just behind in second place, with Comptroller Peter Franchot in third.


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  • The New York Times profiled Republican nominee for Governor of Maryland Dan Cox, who called Mike Pence a “traitor” during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and claimed without evidence that massive voter fraud occurred in his home county in Maryland. Of course, Cox conveniently doesn’t believe his own race for state delegate was fraudulent.
  • The Washington Post dove into the history of primary meddling and the blowback risks it poses to Democrats. While Cox seems doomed in November, Democrat-promoted candidates like Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania and Kari Lake in Arizona could win in November anyway.
  • CNN covered Maryland’s other Democratic primary results. Rep. Anthony Brown won the Democratic nomination for Maryland Attorney General, while prosecutor Glenn Ivey, a relative moderate, defeated former left-wing Rep. Donna Edwards to succeed Brown in the House.


  • Fox News covered the G.O.P. primary for Maryland’s newly competitive 6th District. Conservative state delegate Neil Parrott, the driving force behind defeating Maryland’s Democratic gerrymander, handily defeated 25-year-old Matthew Foldi. Foldi earned the endorsements of numerous establishment Republicans but lost to Parrott by a 64-15 margin.
  • National Review sought to explain “why Democrats won’t wake up” to their looming electoral wipeout and predicted they wouldn’t before the midterm elections.
  • Breitbart reported Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is trailing in the Democratic primary and looks likely to lose her bid for a third term. Mosby was backed by George Soros in her first election and is under indictment for fraud.

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