The Canadian Trucker Convoy Hits the Road

The Canadian trucker convoy that’s blockaded Ottawa, Canada has spread, blocking a key border crossing and inspiring copycats in Washington, Paris, and Brussels.


For two weeks, the “Freedom Convoy” has blockaded the streets of Ottawa, Canada’s capital. This week, truckers blocked a major trade artery between the US and Canada and copycat movements are en route to Washington, DC and Brussels, Belgium.

  • Justin Trudeau doubled down on his rhetoric, describing the protests as “unacceptable” and declaring “we must do everything to bring them to an end.”
  • One hundred truckers have blocked the Ambassador Bridge, a major transportation link between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. The Ambassador Bridge is “one of the busiest border crossings in the world.” Over C$450 million in goods is transported between the two cities daily.
  • In the US, organizers of an American version of the Freedom Convoy – “the People’s Convoy” plan to set off for Washington DC from California on March 4.
  • The Mayor of Brussels, Belgium – the capital of the European Union – banned the “European Freedom Convoy,” calling it an unauthorized protest because “no request has been sent.” Convoys from across the Continent are driving towards Brussels and expected to arrive Monday.
  • A dozens-strong convoy calling itself the “Convoi de la Liberté” (Freedom Convoy) is headed towards Paris to oppose France’s vaccine passport regime. This convoy comes after massive protests last summer against President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccine requirements.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • The New York Times addressed the supply chain implications of the trucker blockade of the Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit, Michigan with Windsor, Ontario. The shutdown of this important trade artery is exacerbating existing strains on the auto industry.
  • Politico reported on the divisions forming within Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. A Liberal MP who had previously been a steadfast Trudeau backer accused him of “dividing and stigmatizing Canadians by politicizing vaccine mandates and Covid-19 restrictions.”
  • BBC News asks a question few considered before this protest: how do you move a 30-ton truck?



  • Fox News reports the Department of Homeland Security is monitoring any potential trucker convoys in the US. They believe one could begin as soon as Super Bowl Sunday.
  • According to The Washington Examiner Ottawa police on Wednesday began threatening protestors with arrests, fines, and possible confiscations of their vehicles.
  • Breitbart covered the hostile reception Justin Trudeau received in Parliament Tuesday. Trudeau was repeatedly hit with a volley of jeers, insults and heckling from the opposition benches.


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