ESPN Reporter “Separated from the Company” After Refusing Vaccine Mandate

Allison Williams is set to be terminated from ESPN after refusing Disney’s vaccine mandate for employees. Williams cites her desire for a child for not wanting the vaccine.


ESPN reporter Allison Williams is leaving the network rather than comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate from ESPN’s parent company Disney.


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  • The Daily Beast briefly reported on Allison Williams’ decision to “quit her job”, and cites a quote from a University of Missouri doctor saying the vaccine does not “interact with a woman’s reproductive organs.” 
  • Deadline noted ESPN’s comment that they are “working through a thorough review of accommodation requests on a case by case basis” and did not directly respond to questions about Williams. 
  • USA Today said ESPN implemented their mandate for “staffers at live events” in August and announced enforcement this month for all employees.



Author’s Take

Some conservatives believe it is a private employer’s right to require vaccination as a condition of employment. Other conservatives will argue that personal choice is only up to the individual and no entity, private or public, should have that power of an individual. The debate over vaccine mandates outside of public entities is an interesting one and has merit on both sides. But if one is going to refuse a vaccine mandate for a specific medical reason, it should at least be a sound reason. Williams has every right to refuse the vaccine for whatever reason she wants. Her reason citing fertility concerns is not a medically sound reason, and data has shown that.

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