Schools Across the Country Begin 2022 By Closing Their Doors

Over 2,000 schools across the country closed their doors or shifted to online learning this week, citing high Omicron cases.


More than 2,000 schools across 21 states closed or switched to remote learning for at least one day this week. Many plan to stay closed or remote for the first few weeks of 2022.


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Author’s Take

The harms of remote learning have been clear for some time. Eric Adams has it right: teachers and public officials cannot “feed into the hysteria” and must keep schools open.

Study after study has found that school closures and remote learning harmed kids and hurt learning and future earning potential. A December global report from the World Bank found that remote learning is not an adequate substitute for in-person education and that remote learning contributes to massive learning losses, especially for poor and marginalized children. The British Medical Journal made the case almost a year ago that closing schools is not evidence based and harms children. Children are not significant sources of COVID-19 transmission. Kids are at more risk of dying from the car-ride to school than COVID-19.

Only one question remains: will the teachers unions listen?


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