US Intel Officials Again Warn of Russia Invading Ukraine

Increased military activity on the Russia-Ukraine border is causing concern in the West. Russia is warning NATO to stay out of Eastern Europe.


The United States is again sounding the alarm on Russia’s build-up of military assets on its border with Ukraine, fearing an invasion could occur in early 2022.


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Author’s Take

The number of hotspots and areas of concern around the globe appear to be increasing, even if they are simply heating up previously lukewarm spots. Restarting negotiations with Iran, China’s increased harassment of Taiwanese airspace, and Belarus bullying Poland were enough. A Russian invasion of Ukraine would confirm the belief among the world’s tyrants that they can act with relative impunity. The United States, regardless of who is president, has a serious responsibility to balance its national interests with global stability. These are not easy decisions to make and one hopes those in power have the wisdom and courage to think them through clearly, without political interference. It requires professionals who show up to do the job, not a vice president who blames her staff when she looks stupid after not reading briefing material.

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