Dirty Tricks in Old Dominion: Lincoln Project Botches White Supremacist Stunt in Virginia Governors Race

The Lincoln Project, a group of disaffected GOP operatives, took responsibility for a stupid stunt to try to connect Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin to white supremacists. It appears the stunt may have backfired.


A group of tiki-torch clad protestors arrived at a Glenn Youngkin for Governor event in Charlottesville, Virginia and set off a firestorm, evoking images of the controversial “Unite The Right” rally in 2017.

  • The aftermath was spent with all sides pointing fingers: The McAuliffe campaign claimed they were legitimate white supremacists (one was Black) who supported Youngkin while the Virginia Democratic Party disavowed any role. 
  • Eventually, the Lincoln Project, a group of former Republican campaign operatives who banded together to originally fight President Donald Trump after he spurned them for not hiring them, took responsibility for the stunt. 
  • One of the participants in the protest was identified as a “low-level Democratic operative.” 
  • The dirty tricks are coming in the final weekend of the campaign just as polls are showing a dead heat, with the latest Fox News poll giving Republican Youngkin a lead over Democrat McAuliffe.


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Author’s Take

It is possible this will backfire on The Lincoln Project and help Youngkin propel to a win on Tuesday. Their reputation and track record were abysmal before this stunt, which is only going to make it worse.

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