Back to School: Critical Race Theory in the Classroom Forces Teacher to Quit, Principal Placed on Leave

Critical race theory controversies aren’t going away. With the school year starting, many communities are still struggling with CRT in the classroom.


With the school year beginning, many states are facing the issue of race, critical race theory, and what is acceptable in the classroom.

  • In North Carolina, the Republican legislature just passed a bill prohibiting CRT from being taught, though the state’s Democratic governor is unlikely to sign it into law.
  • In Texas, one school principal was placed on paid leave while the school board investigates accusations of his “pushing critical race theory” in the classroom.
  • Connecticut teacher Jennifer Tafuto made headlines for resigning from her position in protest over the inclusion of CRT. Tafuto said “I felt more like a political activist than a teacher in my own classroom.”
  • Nikole Hannah-Jones, the New York Times writer who founded the historically illiterate 1619 Project, announced the creation of the 1619 Freedom School in Iowa, which she said was not related. But in fact, the curriculum is based on several university’s social justice and equity-related programs.


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  • The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board highlighted a California recall effort that has not gotten the attention it deserves. Several members of the San Francisco School Board may be booted from office this fall after enough residents are fed up with the school board’s woke nonsense.
  • City Journal chronicled the struggles in a wealthy, progressive suburb of Philadelphia in how to address critical race theory. During one local meeting, a parent showed off a book that tells “white children that they’ve been permitted to ‘get stolen land, stolen riches, special favors.’” Fourth and fifth grade classrooms used this book.
  • Breitbart noted the refusal of House Democrats to ban the promotion of CRT within the Defense Department and its use in curricula at the nation’s prestigious military academies.

Author’s Take

The Left’s attempt to cleverly hide what they are doing is being revealed. They say “We aren’t using critical race theory, we’re just discussing the history of race and racism in America.” That argument is simplistic and assumes opponents to critical race theory are stupid enough to believe that by just avoiding the phrase “critical race theory”, it’s not being taught.

Before critical race theory was invented, did schools not teach slavery, racism, or the Civil War? No, but leftwing outlets like NBC News and The Cut will have you falsely believe that the mere mention of race would be outlawed by white demons if CRT is banned. It’s disingenuous and utterly ridiculous.

Additionally, The Cut’s argument that the Right has played the “long game” for policy goals while the Left has been caught flat-footed is enough to die of laughter. Leftism and other watered-down versions of communism have slowly seeped into important cultural and social institutions for nearly a decade, with the Right asleep at the switch. Now that parents, advocates, and activists on the Right are paying attention, the Left is outraged their game has been revealed.

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