COVID Round-Up: School Mask Mandates Create “Patchwork”, Allowing Media to Stir Fear and Outrage

School districts are defying state governments to implement mask mandates for students. Plastic barriers didn’t work, and Vox is mad businesses won’t mandate vaccines.


School districts in major cities in Arizona, Texas, and Florida have defied their governors by implementing mask mandates for students.


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Author’s Take

*Sure, Axios had to come up with a catchy headline to grab readers’ attention. But this “messy patchwork” of school mask mandates does not matter to parents because they only need to worry about ONE potential mask mandate: their own district’s. It’s just more fear and outrage porn.

**It’s as if CNN doesn’t understand the Constitution or American society at all and simply wants to score cheap, and silly, anti-Trump points for its increasingly small audience. The federal government should have no jurisdiction or authority over local and state school policy. Zero, none.

The New York Times’ report on the effectiveness of some mitigation measures shows how simplistic and counterproductive “doing something” just to make everyone feel better is.

One would hope, after a year and a half of data and personal experience, the United States could have a rational, thoughtful, data-driven discussion on what worked, what didn’t, and how actually mitigate serious illness from the coronavirus. But the outrage-porn media will never let that happen.

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