Critical Race Theory: “Conservative Bogeyman” or “Marxist Ideology”?

Critical Race Theory is being banned in more states. The culture war over CRT may be a harbinger of shifting political powers.


Loudoun County, Virginia, one of the biggest hotspots in the battle over the use of critical race theory is being used as a litmus test over whether Virginia can trend back towards Republicans in upcoming elections.

  • The fight over critical race theory has spread from the DC suburbs to rural Bedford County, whose school district announced it will not be using any CRT material in new classes, including one class on African American history. 
  • In both Oklahoma and Tennessee, state education officials have publicly committed to uphold new laws that prevent the teaching of CRT and related philosophies in classrooms. 
  • A Colorado Springs area school district has introduced a resolution that prevents schools from “utiliz[ing] critical race theory or antiracism curriculum for student education or any staff training.” 
  • An effort to stop the use of CRT in Alabama was introduced in the state legislature, which prevents “divisive concepts” from being taught to students or state employee.


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Author’s Take

The Economist’s reporting on the current culture war is actually the most analytical, least biased one can find. While it does lean too heavily on the defense of CRT by activists, it presents the arguments of those opposed with little obvious bias.

Meanwhile, CNN’s abhorrent obfuscation of the debate is an example of the sensationalist coverage it condemns in its own “reporting.” CNN is participating in gaslighting of the most contemptable order, reassuring its readers that the outrage either isn’t real or the source of the outrage is ginned-up political posturing. This from the very same network that slobbered over itself with innumerable appearances by convict Michael Avenatti or breathlessly reported every fake news nugget of the now-debunked (and actually ginned-up) Trump-Russia Collusiongate story.

All of media should take a page from The Economist’s report: Discuss the facts and present both sides with as little bias as possible, and acknowledge their institutional bias when necessary.

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