Walmart Pulls Firearms, Ammunition from Public Display, Reverses Course Day Later

On Thursday, Walmart announced it would remove firearms displays from public view, citing “civil unrest” before reversing the announcement on Friday. Walmart was not alone in preparing the retail industry for post-election trouble.


After having firearms and ammunition removed from public displays in its stores in the United States, Walmart reversed course the next day.


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  • In its reporting of the reversal, Washington Post noted Walmart became an advocate for stricter gun laws and that its firearms-related announcements over the years has created backlash from customers.
  • The New York Times framed the Walmart developments in the context of wider unrest, in which businesses have been advised on how to de-escalate tense and potentially violent situations after a “volatile” year.
  • NBC News, in describing 2020’s social tumult, described social unrest related to police behavior as “heated protests” while characterizing opponents of various COVID restrictions as “protesters armed with assault rifles”.




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