Latest Cyberattack Affects “Hundreds” of Companies, $70 Million Ransom Demanded

A Russian cybergang attacked an American cybersecurity firm, holding customer data ransom for $70 million. Most outlets fail to provide larger context of the threat we face.


The latest cyberattack is affecting “hundreds of companies” around the world occurred Friday when a Florida-based IT company was hacked and clients’ data was accessed.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • NPR’s reporting on cyberattacks highlights the increasing danger on the food industry in the wake of the JBS hack, and how the industry is just now implementing basic cyber-security features. 
  • The financial industry’s vulnerability to crippling cyberattacks was the focus of the New York Times, pinpointing several weak points in cyber-infrastructure that would be “devastating” to the financial markets and individuals if successfully exploited. 
  • CNN’s coverage focused on the White House’s response to the REvil cyberattack, urging all companies affected to notify federal cybersecurity authorities to help law enforcement piece together information on the attack.



Author’s Take

Cyberattacks will continue to increase in frequency and severity. The New York Times’ report on the financial industry’s vulnerability did not provide a broad enough context to its report: If banks go down, millions upon millions of Americans will simply not have access to their money. It will be a nightmare scenario that makes the bank run in It’s a Wonderful Life look like a walk in the park.

“Institutional America” is not taking these threats seriously. The government does not appear to be on the offensive, industries seem reluctant to address the threat until after it happens, and the reporting on cyberattacks too quickly devolve along partisan lines. Newsmax’s angle of their reporting is counterproductive and serves no real purpose to illuminate their readership.

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