Florida Joins Growing List of States Fighting Critical Race Theory

Florida bans critical race theory in classrooms and teachers are concerned they can’t teach American history. Left-leaning outlets decry conservatives targeting it while refugees from Communist China are sounding a warning over such curricula.


The Florida Board of Education met last week to adopt new rules that bans curricula that could “distort historical events”, a clear effort to stop critical race theory from being taught in public classrooms.

  • The president of the Palm Beach County’s teachers union criticized the move, saying “the politicization of critical race theory is being used to snuff out any and all conversations about equity, race and racism in our schools.” (See Author’s note for how ridiculous this is) 
  • In Loudoun County, Virginia, where the critical race theory controversy has become a hotspot, parents attended a rally to stop the county’s public schools from teaching critical race theory, with some speakers arguing critical race theory is just one component of the school board’s liberal agenda, including “eliminating advanced diplomas and instituting quotas into the Academies of Loudoun.” 
  • According to the Associated Press, the push to limit critical race theory in classrooms is leaving teachers in a bind, unsure of how to teach lessons in American history. (Again, see the author’s note)


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Mother Jones wrings their hands over why “conservatives are hellbent” on stopping critical race theory, saying it’s doesn’t attack white people, it just challenges structural racism. 
  • Vox provided a transcript of a frank and enlightening interview with academic and author Jarvis Givens on race, critical race theory, and the difficulty in finding “an honest attempt to teach the history of race in America”, in which Givens admitted there are “clear political commitments” in critical race theory and those who have advocated for it. 
  • After Florida passed its ban, Newsweek provided a list of states that are preventing public school lessons teaching students that America is fundamentally racist.



Author’s Take

Are we to pretend that the history and influence of race and racism was never taught in American classrooms before The New York Times conjured up the academically illiterate 1619 Project? The Palm Beach County teachers union president’s concerns are patently absurd and should be mocked. Additionally, teachers being concerned they can’t teach American history if critical race theory is not allowed tells you all you need to know about how deeply embedded leftist academic hogwash has become in education. They cannot fathom lessons on American history without racism.

Credit is due to Jarvis Givens for admitting what was the concern all along: this is about politics and power.

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