Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Goes Mainstream: Media Forgets Their Partisan Coverage Last Year

Now that the “right people” are asking questions about the origin of the coronavirus, mainstream media is interested in it as a legitimate story. Last year, it was dismissed as a “fringe conspiracy theory” from Trump and his supporters.


Since Spangld’s last roundup on the hunt for the coronavirus’ origins, more scientists have raised alarm bells and called for a more robust investigation.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

Mistakes happen, circumstances change. News events, especially breaking news, is covered at a breakneck pace and will require updated reporting. Now that so-called credible sources are asking the exact same questions, the mainstream media nods along uncritically and, most infuriating to many, pretends their previous coverage was unbiased and provides not even a cursory apology or correction. This is an instance of partisan hackery masquerading as reporting. Holden’s exposure of mainstream media’s treatment of this theory based solely on who is residing at the White House is further proof of what many on the right calls Trump Derangement Syndrome. Nothing, especially not facts, will get in the way of the narrative of “Orange Man Bad.” The singular focus of tearing down anything to do with Trump demonstrates just how badly mainstream media has become corrupted as a partisan tool. One doesn’t have to be a supporter or fan of Trump to see this for what it is.

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