Biden Raises Vaccine Expectations, Expands Travel Bans

President Biden’s remarks that he wants to get to 1.5 million vaccine doses per day goes against the White House’s official goals, which remain unchanged. Biden’s lofty coronavirus goals and new travel restrictions received little pushback from mainstream media.


After mild pushback that his 100 million vaccinations goal was already being met by the Trump administration, President Joe Biden raised expectations by saying he hopes “we’ll be able to increase as we go along so we’ll get to 1.5 million [vaccinations a day].”


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  • Fox News highlighted British TV host Piers Morgan’s roasting of American journalists for “fawning” over Biden even as Biden erroneously said the media had been attacking his coronavirus plans.
  • Congressman Ronny Jackson, who also served as the White House physician, told Newsmax Biden took “everything President Trump has done to combat this virus, and they’ve re-labeled it as the Biden plan.”
  • As vaccine supplies shrink and expectations grow, American Thinker provided commentary that shows those who are “most likely in need of a vaccine” after healthcare workers and the elderly are among those least likely to receive them.


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