The End is Nigh: CDC Says Masks Largely Not Needed for Vaccinated People

The CDC’s announcement that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks in most indoor or outdoor settings set off a wave of relief for millions of Americans. But the left is now calling CDC’s credibility into question while the right is skeptical of the timing of the announcement.


The CDC updated their guidance to allow people who are “fully vaccinated” to not have to wear masks in most indoors situations, matching another recent guidance saying the same for outdoors activity.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • Fox News and the Spectator US focused on questions from Republican lawmakers who wonder whether the CDC announcement was an effort to get embarrassing or difficult headlines, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Colonial pipeline hack, for the White House out of the news.
  • Townhall lamented several blue states and companies not immediately lifting mask mandates based on the new CDC guidance, calling out New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for saying he always relied on the facts” with respect to the coronavirus pandemic. The thousands of elderly people whose deaths in nursing homes he is ultimately responsible for after ignoring the science must have slipped his mind.
  • The Daily Caller reported on efforts by GOP House members urging Speaker Pelosi to remove some of the restrictions on House operations, who say that most members of Congress have been vaccinated and this is an easy way for elected officials to lead by example.

Author’s Take

The way CNN and New York Times covered the CDC’s new guidance suggests they’re giving cover to what will likely be a surprisingly large portion of the population (though nowhere near a majority) who will continue to wear masks, despite their vaccination status, as a political or social statement. The idea that “you’ll be able to tell who’s fully vaccinated because we’ll be the ones wearing masks” is worthy of a gold medal in mental gymnastics.

That being said, whether it’s the New York Times now doubting the CDC or the right’s suspicion the announcement was a smokescreen to help Biden in the headlines, the cynicism is tiresome. Heck, some of it may even be true, but that these angles were the first to be reported is another example of media’s sensationalist bent.

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