Apple Unveils Updated Hardware, New Privacy Features Alarm Rivals and Ad Firms

Earlier in the week, Apple announced a slate of new hardware and software products. While most of the focus was on new iPads and Macs, updates to privacy and tracking programs are forcing app developers to ask users to track them.


In a recorded event last Tuesday, Apple announced a slate of new and updated products including a completely redesigned iMac desktop computer.


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  • Wall Street Journal’s resident tech writer Joanna Stern recapped Apple’s announcement, saying that while the iMac had not seen a significant update in years, one longstanding gripe about the Mac lineup, the webcam, was upgraded to a still-unsatisfying 1080p resolution.
  • OANN ran a Reuters wire report that focused on the new iPad Pros and smaller iMac desktops, which framed the hardware updates as “catering to a work-from-home world.”
  • While the hardware announcements made the biggest splash across the media, Big Tech’s tracking and privacy issues, as well as allegations of bias against conservatives dominated coverage by The Washington Examiner, while a separate report earlier in the week notes the free-speech focused social media app Parler favored by some conservatives will be allowed back onto the Apple App Store soon.


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