Derek Chauvin’s Murder Trial Coming to a Close, Minneapolis Braces for Backlash

The defense rested this week in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial over the death of George Floyd. The former police officer did not take the stand.


The jury trial for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin over the death of George Floyd is expected to be turned over to the jury for deliberation next week after the defense rested their case this week.

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  • RedState focused on the judge’s warning of a mistrial if the prosecution’s rebuttal witness discussed evidence regarding Floyd’s blood carbon monoxide levels, which as previously noted, was not admitted in time for the defense to review it.
  • Fox News reported on conservative televangelist Pat Robertson, who declared himself “pro-police”, condemning Derek Chauvin and Kim Potter, saying police need to “open their eyes” to what is happening and that “we’ve got to stop this stuff.”
  • By contrast, Washington Examiner commentary writer Eddie Scarry, castigated former President Barack Obama for “dump[ing] kerosene on the multiple racial bonfires taking place in Minnesota” by saying George Floyd was murdered.

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