COVID-19 Cases Surge, States Implement New Restrictions

As a “third wave” of the coronavirus pandemic hits the United States and Europe, many governors have either implemented or are considering new restrictions to stop the spread. Will the orders be effective?


As cases of coronavirus surge nationwide, many states are considering or implementing new restrictions on retail, the hospitality industry, and even social family gatherings. Federal officials are even urging Americans to alter or limit their Thanksgiving plans because of the pandemic.


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  • Huffington Post seized on remarks by conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito about government restrictions in response to the pandemic. In the piece, Alito’s remarks were characterized as the “politicization of scientific fact.”
  • Vice quoted a Biden adviser who said if the federal government paid for the lost wages of workers and of small-to-medium size businesses, a four-to-six-week lockdown can happen.
  • A former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wrote in The Atlantic a list of recommendations, many of which have been previously instituted, while pushing for paid sick leave authorized and potentially funded by the government.



  • Phillip Magness, a senior research fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, found fault in a recent study on the effectiveness of mask-wearing, saying the study used outdated information.
  • The Daily Caller reported on New York City’s hospitality industry pushing back on the new restrictions, saying they are a “huge blow” to the industry.
  • National Review’s Andrew Stuttaford criticizes various governments’ reactions to the coronavirus pandemic and the recent calls for more lockdowns and business restrictions, saying “the response to the coronavirus must include a reasoned acceptance of trade-offs.”

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