Dominion Sues Fox News for $1.6 Billion

Dominion, the voting machine manufacturer accused by attorneys connected to the Trump campaign of stealing the 2020 election for Joe Biden, has filed a lawsuit against Fox News for its promotion of said accusations. It is the second voting machine company to sue Fox.


Dominion Voting Systems filed a lawsuit against Fox News, citing the cable network’s statements and coverage of the 2020 election, that Fox “sold a false story of election fraud in order to serve its own commercial purposes.”


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  • In their coverage of the lawsuit, The Daily Beast called the conspiracy “bizarre”, while acknowledging there were journalists outside of Fox’s opinion lineup who held a skeptical view of the Trump campaign’s allegations of fraud.
  • Washington Post created a super-cut of the on-air claims of Powell, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and others cited as evidence in Dominion’s lawsuit, while separate reporting reprinted in the Stamford Advocate referenced the lawsuit as important to the questions of the freedoms and responsibilities of the press (No word on whether they consider the same responsibilities when discussing Russian interference in the 2016 election).
  • While Vox has not reported on Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox, Aaron Rupar (who is regularly accused of being a hack), reported on Sidney Powell’s motion to dismiss by saying it is “clearer than ever that Trump allies’ attempt to overthrow the 2020 election was a naked power grab based on a pack of lies.”




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