Biden Addresses the Nation. When Will Things Be Back to “Normal?”

In a primetime speech, President Biden gave a morose accounting of the past year while taking credit for recent victories in the vaccination efforts. Mainstream media praised him, but many on the right aren’t buying it.


President Joe Biden spoke to the nation in a primetime address last night, marking the roughly one-year anniversary of the start of the coronavirus pandemic.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Vox’s coverage of the speech focused on the theatrics of it and the Biden administration’s overall coronavirus strategy, comparing it to what it characterized Trump’s performance as “erratic.”
  • CNN glowed with pride and awe over the speech, unapologetically placing all blame on the Trump administration (not mentioning that the Trump administration was already on pace for Biden’s vaccination goals) while fawning over Biden’s message of “unity”.
  • The New York Times said the speech was meant to kickstart a campaign of building support for larger, non-coronavirus agenda items like expanding government intervention in the healthcare industry.




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