Burger King Tweets “Women Belong in The Kitchen” on International Women’s Day

Burger King’s ad campaign about a scholarship for women to start culinary careers went horribly wrong when they started it with “Women belong in the kitchen.” Experts are saying it’s a classic example of when keeping it woke goes wrong.


In trying to celebrate International Women’s Day, Burger King’s UK arm came under fire for a misguided advertising strategy.

  • On social media and in print ads, Burger King’s ad copy headlined “Women Belong in the Kitchen”, while following it up with the promotion of a new scholarship funded by the corporation to increase the number of women in the culinary industry and fine dining (It will award only two $25,000 scholarships).
  • The tweets attracted considerable criticism with many upset about the sexist stereotype used to garner attention.
  • They did defend the intent of the campaign, saying they are “committed to helping women break through a male-dominated culinary culture” and that the tweet “was designed to draw attention to the fact that only a small percentage of chefs and head chefs are women.”
  • Burger King apologized and deleted the tweets.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • CNN reported on the hot takes and quick reactions to Burger King’s initial tweet, while highlighting the follow-up was meant to increase female representation in the culinary industry.
  • Huffington Post called the ad campaign sexist, and noted one twitter user’s question of how much the advertising of the scholarships cost compared to the value of the scholarships.
  • The Washington Post’s reporting framed it as another example of a corporation’s efforts to be eye-catching and provocative going horribly awry.




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